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Nanoparticles price in 2020

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What are the properties of nanoparticles? Wholesale price of nanoparticles for export

One of the most widely used products in the packaging industry, textile industry, and laboratory and medical equipment, which the company has given unique properties to this product by applying nanotechnology to the production process of these products. you can buy with the best nanoparticles price from here.

Nanoparticles price in 2020

What are the properties of nanoparticles?

What are the properties of nanoparticles? The nanoparticles are less than 0.1 µm (100 nm) in size, between 1 and 100 nm in size. We speak of “ultra-fine particles” PUF, or of “nanoparticles” NP, in a more or less equivalent manner.

indeed the particle size determines the size of the deposit in the respiratory tract, and conditions the way in which the particles interact with the biological system.

The particles from secondary emissions, combustion, welding, are rather designated by the term “ultrafine particles”, as opposed to “nanoparticles”, particles deliberately produced.

Going from the micronic to the nanometric dimension, different points should be noted:

  • The comparison between these micron and nanometric particles must be made on the equivalent exposed surface:
  • Much larger area for nanoscale particles.
  • Given the high ratio between the atoms on the surface compared to those present in the mass:
  • The nanometric particles have high reactivity.

When the particle size decreases:

  • we reach a border characterized by the appearance of new properties or behaviours.
  • Insulating, opaque materials can become respectively conductive, transparent, etc.
  • or change colour, become soluble, spontaneously form ordered structures.
  • This change in properties occurs when we reach dimensions less than 50 nm.

Furthermore, the more the size decreases, the greater the surface/volume ratio becomes and the more the surface properties end up becoming more important than the mass involved.

Wholesale price of nanoparticles for export

 Wholesale price of nanoparticles  for export

Nanotech’s, nano granules and nanocomposites were among the company’s export nano products. The company produces a variety of Cheap nanoparticles and polymer additives, industrial and sanitary nanocomposites with an annual production. The company has the highest Cheap nanoparticles for export of nano products among Iranian companies.

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have been among the target countries for the company’s exports. The company’s nanocomposite granules also have antibacterial properties, and the use of these products in the production of textiles will prevent the growth of bacteria. Zinc oxide nanoparticles have been used in the structure of these granules.

Zinc oxide has inhibitory properties against various types of bacteria and fungi. Smaller oxide particles show more inhibitory behaviour. This behaviour depends on the surface area and the concentration of zinc oxide. High concentrations and high specific levels cause more antimicrobial behaviour.

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