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High quality pure chitosan for export

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Where can we buy pure chitosan? Do we have various types of pure chitosan?

The application of pure chitosan is that it can be used as an adhesive, can be used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent, as well as to modify the properties of silk. Nanoparticles have special properties such as product identification, molecular formula, color and appearance and size, and the company that produces the nano. 

High quality pure chitosan for export

Where can we buy pure chitosan?

 Where can we buy pure chitosan? Nanoparticles are made up of dozens or hundreds of atoms or molecules of various sizes, such as needle-shaped, spherical, and crystalline, which are often used commercially. Best pure chitosan for sale are used in powder or liquid form. The pure chitosan for export are combined in a paste-like aqueous solution. These particles are seen in different shapes that include many structures, such as spherical, branched, tubular, and rod-like structures. In Iran, there is a nanotechnology factory with the aim of producing chemicals using nanotechnology, which aims to produce high quality nanotechnology and reasonable prices in bulk.

Nanotechnology companies can expand their production in the field of pollutants to prevent air pollution in Iranian cities. Due to the high share of cars in air pollution, reducing the emission of toxic and dangerous gases is one of the ways to reduce air pollution. By producing such products, Nano Company has been able to make cheap and high efficiency and environmental standards possible in domestically produced cars. 

Optimization of nanoparticles by companies producing such products has been able to show its advantages and effects on the environment and for each car, depending on its type, gasoline and gas combustion and engine technology are required. 

Do we have various types of pure chitosan?

 Do we have various types of pure chitosan? The best chitosan nanoparticles with the highest annual production in the country, which is produced in many ways for synthesis of chitosan, the size of which depends on its molecular weight.

The lower the molecular weight of the chitosan, the smaller the size of the nanoparticles on the surface of the textiles. The size of each chitosan nanoparticle is measured in nanometers, which makes chitosan nanoparticles completely degradable and biocompatible. The properties of nanomaterials are:

Anti bacterial


It is possible to supply quality nanomaterials through manufacturers and manufacturers without intermediaries. It has a lot of fans and is mainly distributed in trusted markets.

Quality nano materials have a special place in various industries. In the production of materials, it is a very widely used tool that is widely and partially offered at the lowest price without intermediaries in reputable collections in general, and if you buy this product in bulk and in cash, it has very good discounts. You will be.

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