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graphene nano | Top brands of Graphene in 2019

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Is graphene a nano structure of carbon?Is graphene a nano material?Is graphene stronger than diamond?high-quality graphene at a wholesale price in Iran

What is the graphene nano? The graphene uses for what?

You might not know the meaning of this word yet and do not know what is it and where it uses! By the way, graphene is a chemical substance which is made in the whole world for different related applications which mention later in this article. The brands of the graphene widely exist in different quality and the same standard. Read the article to the end to get the enough information.

graphene nano | Top brands of Graphene in 2019

Is graphene a nano structure of carbon?

Is graphene a nano structure of carbon?Generally, the graphene is a kind of allotrope of carbon, it also organized by two-dimension hexagonal crystal structure which each of the atoms are attached by three electrons. Graphene properties are wide and also professional because of its chemical features, so, you can refer to the related websites such as Wikipedia to get the entire information and introduction. 

The graphene is a structural element of some other allotropes which are included in:

  • Graphite
  • Charcoal
  • Carbon nano tubes
  • Fullerence

The history of the this substance belonged also one of the strongest material in the whole world as considered 0.142 Nm long, in other words, it contains Pascals, so graphene strength is too high. Firstly, it was discovered by a chemist Benjamin Collins Brodie in 1859. In 1947, P.R. Wallace wrote about the graphene and after that, they tried to produce it, finally, Andre Konstantin Geim and Konstantin Novoselov succeed to produce this substance, the physic Nobel prize were gave to these two. 

Is graphene a nano material?

Is graphene a nano material?Generally, the graphene is a nano particle material which has different applications in different fields such as medicinal and industrial. Producing the medicine and other compounds of medicinal material are two main applications of it. 

Graphene nanoparticles is a thick one-atom layer of the carbon and has flexibility. There are hundreds of properties that this substance has and here some of these properties briefly:

  • A good heat and electrical semiconductor
  • High density
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Mechanical features
  • Tensile resistant

and … Today, graphene sheet has various numbers of customers and there are thousands of companies and laboratories which use this substance in bulk volumes. As it said, it has different applications in various sorts of industries such as medicinal, textile, technology and … This is why the graphene has wide usages, for example, in technology it used to producing:

  • Battery
  • Smart mobile phones
  • Computer absis
  • Energy and solar cells

Is graphene stronger than diamond?

Is graphene stronger than diamond?Graphene is typically is a very strong material with wonderful properties that make it special and useful for efficiency. Most of the articles and researches differentiate the graphene structure compared to other materials, for example, the diamond is one of the strongest stone in the whole world and this property makes it really valuable and precious. So, the researches compare the graphene with diamond in terms if their potency. 

the organization of the graphene atoms are too right and they bonded to each other and this bond make the layers very tight and hard. So, it can be concluded that graphene is a super-strong material which is even stronger than the diamond. May be this is a reason that this substance has high prices compared to some of other chemical materials. 

high-quality graphene at a wholesale price in Iran

high-quality graphene at a wholesale price in Iran The graphene price depend on the producer company and also its package and shape because it can be found as powder or soil shape due to the intended usage. 

All of the areas and countries trade graphene in bulk volumes with considerable qualities. To estimate the qualities they have to attend to the global standards as well. 

  • Iran
  • China
  • India
  • Japan

So, The Asian countries are trading the graphene in different qualities weak up to high quality in various areas. Iran has hundreds of suppliers which are import or produce this substance at different prices. The centers you can find it:

  • Wholesale stores
  • Direct company distributors
  • Retailers
  • Agencies of exported ones
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