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Types of nanomaterials

Graphene nanoxide, cellulose nanofibers, graphene nanofibers, graphene nanopowder, graphene oxide nanopowder, graphene nanoparticles, zinc oxide nanoparticles, nanocellulose, microbial nanocellulose, nanofluid and

Silver colloidal material

Silver nanocloids are one of the most important solid nanomaterials that have many applications in biomedical issues and nanotechnologies. This product is used in various applications due to its special biological properties and is in the service of human beings.

Features of Silver Colloid

These substances have high antifungal activity against infections. The electrochemical properties of this product cause faster reactions. In the medical industry, they kill the first type of AIDS viruses.

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Sadra Nano Group started its activities in 2016 with the aim of selling and commercializing nano products. Our colleagues in Sadra Nano Group can provide you with nano materials that are needed for research and industrial work in a short period of time. The main products of this company are powder and colloidal nanoparticles, nano fertilizers and nanomaterials.

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